Scrap Metal is a Booming Business

Daryl Law over at the Sentinel wrote a nice article the other day.  What does recycling junk metal and China have in common?

China needs the resource and America’s supplying it.

Because of demand, the value of scrap metal has reached its highest point ever and some area businessmen are making the most of it.

Sources say scrap metal currently brings in $11.25 per 100 pounds and that’s the reason why so many people are getting involved in recycling cast off things such as hot water heaters, 55-gallon drums and even old cars. Around Kill Devil Hills, several people work the neighborhoods searching for old lawn furniture frames, tire rims and anything else metal.

And while these collectors who cash out the resource make a little money, it also helps keep the town cleaner, neater. Stonemason Aaron Harvell recently made more than a hundred bucks when he hauled a load of junk to Melson’s Junk & Salvage in Currituck. It was too cold out for concrete to set up on his regular job so he made the most of what the Outer Banks had to offer – junk.

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