Man Collects Junk to Pay the Bills

When people drive by John Ramsay’s home in Clover they may see a pile of junk in his side yard and Ramsey would agree with you.

“It’s junk, just junk,” said Ramsay.

But he also sees much more.

“I can get maybe $40 to $45 for this transmission and I have two of them,” said Ramsey. “This pile of aluminum and old pots I can get $30 to $40 for a big pile.”

He says can get $40 for 100 pounds of aluminum cans he collects too.

“If I see one under the red light up there I’ll stop and get it ‘cause I know that’s a penny,” said Ramsey.

Collecting the things that others don’t want all to help the 78 year old Korean War Veteran, pay the bills.

“What I make I spend it the same week,” said Ramsey. “A lot of weeks I don’t sell anything.”

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