Classics of 2015 Already Predicted in Hagerty Hot List

Here are cars that you can look forward to traveling with you through generation after generation.

Classic cars are made every year, and certain features make them to stand out from others. But what truly makes a car memorable and remarkable enough to stand out from others?

Hagerty Hotlist has truly begun to narrow down the possibilities.Now the predictions are never 100% accurate. But today’s generation will definitely enjoy the range and diversity of vehicles on the list, there’s something for every type of driver.

Want a taut Italian sports car? Try the Alfa Romeo 4C. Supercar performance straight out of Detroit (er, Bowling Green)?Corvette Z06. The perfect balance of practicality and hot-hatch fun? VW Golf R.

None of these are economy-car-cheap, but they all sticker at well below $100,000 (what you do with the options catalog is up to you). Park any one of these 10 cars in your garage, and we think you’ll be a happy customer.

And if it’s worth something in a quarter-century? Consider that a bonus.

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7 thoughts on “Classics of 2015 Already Predicted in Hagerty Hot List

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